One of a kind lower level remodel!

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One of a kind lower level remodel!

When you tell people you’re working on a basement remodel and finishing, I bet this is not what they have in mind.

The lower level of this beautiful stone house near the UMKC campus had been partially finished at some point in its history but didn’t match the feel of the rest of the house. It had a cracked painted concrete floor and low ceilings and ductwork, electrical and phone lines running randomly throughout and the HVAC and water heater in the middle of the room. Not great.

Before any new walls went up the concrete floor was removed, excavated and a new slab poured; all ductwork was removed since the HVAC unit would be relocated; all of the existing electrical was traced, re-routed through joists if it was still active or removed if it was abandoned; all existing stone and brick was sandblasted to remove old paint and the walls tuckpointed and repaired as needed.

With all that done they could begin creating the incredible space you see now.

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