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Ward and Ward

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Ward and Ward

We haven’t really posted anything from this project during the process but you may have noticed the work going on if you spend much time around the Brookside area. I (Matt) actually worked for Ward & Ward off and on for quite some time so when they decided to move it was a perfect fit for RDM to be involved in the project.

The building is a little brick mid-century just around the corner from their previous location. The idea was to create a one-stop-shop of fine art related business that would center around the frameshop as the main tenent. The scope included a total renovation of the main part of the building while updating but mostly preserving some of the existing office space as rentable units.

A new entrance on the east side was also included in the project. An existing window was cut down to the floor line and a new storefront system installed. In addition a vestibule controls access to the rentable space and to the frameshop side of the building. A corridor connects to the existing restrooms and allows tenants to access them without entering the showroom or production area of the frameshop.

The gallery space is primarily a white box with the exception of the existing brick wall that highlights the desk and samples.

Another challenge was working with the existing large restrooms that were in a central location and making them accessible in a secure manner to the tenents as well as Ward and Ward. A corridor wraps around the gallery to provide that as well as act as overflow and additional display space.

Here are a few picture of the process. (From left to right: The existing building; The opening being cut; The existing windows were vinyl replacements and were removed and replaced with the new storefront system; Installation in progress, a custom door was made to allow the window mullions to align across the upper windows and the larger glass.)

Some more images of the process. (From left to right: The existing space was broken up into a lot of smaller offices and conference rooms and two different drop ceilings hid the existing structure; The majority of the demo complete; The contractor ended up removing the corridor wall and reframing it rather than working with the existing. In addition all the electrical and HVAC were removed and reworked to improve efficiency and to clean up the leftover conduit and random electrical from the 2 prevoius renovations; The new wall framing with extensive blocking for flexibility in hanging art.)

It was a great project and for all the complications was actually a pretty fast project. If you are looking for museum quality framing or great art this is the place to go. Stop in and say hi to Tim Ward and the team there. We’re looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Check out our Facebook page for some more photos of the process and as we get more images of the completed space we’ll post them there as well.