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Thinking of Remodeling?

Think JOY in Addition to Cost / Value 

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A few before/after RDM remodel pictures: Olsen Basement, Sexton Stair/Living Room.

October 2011
Rick McDermott

Remodeling magazine has released their 2010-2011 analysis of estimated costs recouped for a variety of home projects – everything from a family room addition to a new master suite. It’s an interesting look at both mid-range and upscale projects, and compares our region (West North Central) to the national average. (You can take a look here.)

What the report does not quantify is the JOY the finished project brings to the owner each and everyday.

Remodeling projects create new environments, allowing the home to adapt to the owners’ evolving needs and wants. More than square footage, projects deliver happiness. How happy will you be when you wake up in the morning and have coffee in your sunroom? How much joy will there be when you entertain in your renovated basement, complete with big screen TV and surround sound? How much pleasure will you discover cooking dinner every night in your custom kitchen, or getting ready for work every morning in your new master bath? Without trying to sound like a MasterCard commercial, the “value” of these intangible benefits can be priceless.

One of the first steps in working with an architect in any remodeling project is to identify your goals and objectives. Good architects should help you define what you want to accomplish and present design solutions that will make a difference in your day-to-day lives.

Yes, you should consider how much of your investment will be recouped if you were to sell your home. And yes, you should consider how long you plan to live there. But of equal importance is the day-to-day pleasure you will receive when your kitchen / bath / patio / basement etc. reflects the way you want to live.

Thinking of remodeling? Don’t forget to factor in the JOY.