The Reach of the Web

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The Reach of the Web

Its amazing the way that people make it to your site sometimes… A little less then a year ago, we uploaded some photos onto . Its kind of an interesting site, sort of a giant visual database of design thats searchable and sortable by any number of terms. Its worth wandering around a little, a good way to get an idea of whats out there. We batch uploaded a bunch of images and then never got around to tagging anything but people have done it for us.

Out of the blue a couple months ago we got a call from one of the editors of Backyard Solutions magazine. She had seen one of our pictures on and went to our website, found our contact info and called us. We sent a higher resolution image, and suddenly we’re on the cover!

A couple weeks ago, after the magazine hit the news stands, we got an email from somebody who had seen the cover and liked it. The internet has made the world a small place and made sharing ideas incredibly easy. We like it. Now if we could just get those people onto our Facebook page…

We just received a couple copies today and the photo looks great.