Phosphor Update

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Phosphor Update

It has been a little while since we’ve posted anything on this project. If you need a refresher the original post is here

The penthouse/ light shaft is…


Very tall! The new structural elements are exposed throughout in homage to the exposed bar joists of the existing roof. This also allows visitors to “read” the building and understand the changes that have been made to it.


As the new beams go down the length of the corridor they also form the top of the office walls and are visible from inside and outside.


Within the office the new last new beam is visible adjacent to the first existing bar joist. Again the structure was left exposed. The structural elements also bring the only bits of color into the space in order for the production space to have the most neutral light possible. Remotely operated shades will be installed at all new and existing windows to allow all natural light to be cut off.


Above is a view of the production space and the projection wall / “green” screen. A pair of salvaged existing bar joists will be added at either side to facilitate the track to raise and lower various backgrounds and to versitility in the attachement of light at either side of the wall. A large high-power digital projector is mounted on the ceiling opposite the wall so that it can be used as a giant projection screen. This projector and the associated audio compnants can be controlled from any of the offices and the conference room.


To make that happen in addition to allowing all the offices/editing suites to be interconnected there is a lot of data wiring running all over this building. The above photo shows just a hint of whats required to have a fully connected work space. This is a great looking space and we’ll be posting more photos as it nears completion of the first phase. Check out the Facebook page for some more pictures of the progress!