Phosphor Update 2

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Phosphor Update 2

We met up with the Phosphor Interactive guys last week for lunch and to check up on the project. A lot has happened since we were last down there but we really wanted to highlight the metal work that our buddy Pascal at Meya Metalworks has done over there.

During construction, in order to create some more headroom on the second floor we removed a number of existing bar joists. At the time we thought these things were great and that they should be used for something. Below is one of the ways they came up with. Pascal fabricated this incredible conference table base (pardon the stunt conference table chairs, apparently the real ones are on order) from 2 sections of joist. The steel box has outlets on both sides and covers an existing electrical box in in the floor.

The highlight of the metalwork so far is this fantastic guard rail at the new stair to the roof garden. Using simple materials they came up with a code complient, inexpensive solution and the craftsmanship is incredible. Notice the horizontal lines in the wire panels are aligned. We love that.

Stay tuned for more pictures as the project gets closer to completion or go visit yourself as they are Fringe Central during the Fringe Festival this July.