Olsen Residence Phase 2 – Complete!

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Olsen Residence Phase 2 – Complete!

We said in an earlier post that we were making a dramatic change to the Olsen Residence… Without a doubt we did it.

Below is the new opening that we cut into the wall between the living room and the kitchen. The main part of the opening faces the dining room but to connect the kitchen to the living room we added a smaller slot opening. This also visually lightens this corner and further highlights the limestone tile. The style of the frame at the opening also helped to inform the style and materials of the rest of the kitchen.


As the “canopy” of the frame extends into the kitchen it becomes the bottom of the upper cabinets. Incorporated into that casework are three mini led downlights. These are very small but have a great light output and we’ve used them before. The cabinets above are of the lift-up variety and help the “canopy” to read as a thin plane. The countertop material wraps up to become the backsplash so a simple clean look.


We worked mostly within the existing limits of the kitchen, expanding it slightly into the laundry room, except for an addition on the first floor only. We were able to add a full height pantry cabinet and a desk. This also provides some additional seating in the kitchen, allowing the Olsens to visit with guests while they cook. The small addition also gave us the opportunity to add another window next to the door as well as a skylight. We reoriented the view out of this end of the kitchen and focused it more toward the back yard and the woods beyond. Monorail lighting provided the most flexibility and plenty of directional light. A ceiling mounted fan provides good air circulation without the mass of a ceiling fan. 


The drink area is highlighted with a mosaic tile backsplash and glass panel doors. The small bar/prep sink adjacent to the new counter depth fridge allows fo a more flexible use of the kitchen. The new island was extended to provide seating for 3-4 people in addition to the desk seating.


A great project that is a big hit with the clients and was a great project to work on. The project team was the same as the Olsen Residence Basement and helped to make this a great project. BHS Construction did a great job on kitchen as well as the basement and we look forward to working with them again. Timberline’s cabinets and woodwork really made this project sing, and the quality and construction is fantastic.  

Well done everyone and thanks!