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New Project – C2 Residence

A new project that we’re excited about is under construction and we haven’t gotten around to posting anything about it so this post is image-filled and for the sake of clarity this post is divided into the different little parts of the larger project.

Starting with the Kitchen. The existing kitchen? Not great and the giant mass above the range is an overpowering and not very efficient use of space. Getting rid of that was priority number 1 (in the photo below from an early meeting you can see that we’ve already pulled off an ugly ornate trim piece).

The project started as just replacing the doors and painting the cabinet boxes. As we moved forward in the process we realized that the difference between that and all new kitchen cabinets wasn’t that large. An inefficient layout and inexpensive hardware made the decision to go to new cabinets even easier.  To add some contrast and to tie the newly renovated kitchen in with the other parts of the project and some existing furniture the island was changed to walnut. In addition the glass panel door was replaced by a 6′ slider and a new window was added in the kitchen.

Construction is underway and the upper cabinets are removed and the openings are cut between the kitchen and the sunroom. Already there is a lot more natural light in the room. Once the new white cabinets, lighter countertops and the back painted glass backsplash go in it will be a much brighter space.

Opposite the kitchen was this existing fireplace and built in casework. The fireplace was underused and the heaviness of the stone didn’t fit with the rest of the house. Also there is another fireplace in the adjacent room that is used more often. While it seems counterintuitive to take out a fireplace this space could be used more efficiently. We also wanted to get rid of the wood that matched the old kitchen.

After numerous options and revisions this is what we came up with. Like the kitchen the cabinets are white with shaker style doors and the top and the shelves are walnut. The design the the cabinets creates a platform for a record player and carves out storage for records as well.

In addition to the kitchen and the “storage wall” the windows between are also going to be replaced. The arched transom windows are going to be replaced with rectangular and the existing divided lite windows are going to replaced with new clear glass undivided windows and the overly ornate trim will be replaced with a simple trim with a panel below.

Exterior! Parts of this will be completed in a later phase but this is a good view to look at the difference the window change is going to make. A large outdoor kitchen was also removed to make room for a new window and correct a drainage problem.

Here is the rendering that we prepared showing the completed window changes and the new arbor and outdoor kitchen.

The new window in the kitchen and the sliding door are in and trimmed out. Removal of the other windows is underway. You can already see the difference that it will make to square off the window openings.

Awesome project, great clients and another RDM/Hurst construction project under way. The cabinets are being built right now and we will be stopping by jobsite (it is on my way home) frequently so stay tuned for pictures and more information.