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New Project ! 2019 Residence

We finished up the design work on this project about a year ago but construction is just now starting. Below is a photo of the existing house. It is a typical Prairie Village house that we are going to transform inside and out.

By adding a small first floor addition we create a platform for a large addition on the upper floor for a new master bedroom. The additional first floor space allows for the extension of the overhang at the entry to create a new and much more usable front porch. 

Another RDM + Hurst Construction team job. Below, Ian Hurst straps on a tool belt and lays out the sill. The first floor addition is just 3 feet but when the second floor addition is completed, it will add around 9 feet to the 2nd floor bedroom.

Although the construction has barely started, you  can already see what a big difference the porch makes on the house. The addition also makes the entrance of the house more of a focal point.

This is a great project and it is only a couple minutes away from the office so we’ll be posting a lot of pictures here and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned!