KCH&G Photoshoot

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KCH&G Photoshoot

Keep an eye out in upcoming KCH&G issues for some photos of our project.  Rick and I went out during the photoshoot to take a look at the finished and furnished project. The clients are incredibly happy with the end result and have transforned (with our help) a stark and dated place into something fantastic. I took a few pics while Alistair Tutton worked his magic.

sexton12.3.2 5

We spent a lot of time with Hurst Construction and with Arcways to make sure that this all worked out perfect and looks clean and perfect as possible. The transparency of the open risers make a huge difference in the visual weight of the stair. By making the treads “L” shaped we were able to make a code compliant and safe stair while making it as visually light as possible.

sexton12.3.2 2

This is the view from the kitchen and you can see the difference the open risers make.  Look at that lovely smooth curve!

sexton12.3.2 4

An overall shot of the stair and the balcony above. Another case of everything working out perfectly in the end. Happy client and happy architects.

sexton12.3.2 3