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In the Office!

There are a lot of cool things out there, products especially, that we come across in magazines, blogs or just cruising around the web and its tough to keep track of them or recall them when you might be able to use them in a project or show them to a client. Sure you could bookmark them on your computer or create a list of links on the server somewhere but this is architecture and we are visual people. We wanted a way to display these things that was better than the average tack board or white board so we called up a steel fabricator that we’ve worked with before to see if he had any scrap we might be able to use…


He had some sheets of thinner sheet metal that had already been cut for another project but were not used in the end.  We had planned on some kind of hanging panel but were thinking thicker stock that we’d be able to bolt through of tack weld a tab on the back of to hang it. The thinner material had a little flex to it so to correct that and to give us a way to hang them we had them bent at the top and bottom.

IMG 1253

We spanned cable from the floor to ceilng and used cable stops to hold them in the right place and turn-buckles at the floor to keep them from swining into the wall. Building things in the office is a lot of fun, it is nice to get out from in front of the computer every once in a while. The installation turned out really clean and we’re thinking this is certainly something we could use in a project some time…


We haven’t quite figured out what to do with the second set (we were only planning on having one set but there were 8 pieces of steel and we got a really good deal on it so …) yet, maybe images of completed projects, construction photos or photos of our pets? Who knows?

We love them and are excited about filling them up. If you’ve got something you think needs to go on them come on by the office, we love having visiters and looking at cool things!