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Deck + _ 3

The outdoor kitchen was expanded during construction, adding the leg to the straight run to give them a little more space for cooking and seating. The stucco and the cut stone top are in. Looks awesome.

A shot of the large arch, now in stucco as well as the columns. The deck and the trim are mostly installed and the rail is the next major part.

With the dry-below system we are able to have a finished ceiling below. Rather than use stucco we opted for beadboard for the traditional look. Speakers and lighting are built-in throughout the upper and lower space. The lower space also includes a large counter with a fireplace and tv. It is in process now and as soon as we have pictures we’ll post them.

This is definitely not your typical deck and includes some complicated elements. We continue to be impressed with the quality of the work and the ingenuity we get with Hurst Construction and they are doing a great job here.

Stay tuned as this project is moving fast!