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Custom Stair Install

We’ve been working on this project for some time, and the stair is just one part of a whole series of projects in the same residence but for us this is certainly the most exciting at the moment. Designed in the late 70’s by Alan Feingold Architects the living room, and really the entire house is full of 45 degree angles which come together in a large 2 story. At each end of the room glass doors and large windows frame carefully chosen views, but right now its all about the stair. Below is the existing stair:


While it has a pretty dramatic shape, its not the most stable after all these years and the lack of an interior hand rail and the wide spacing made it a little dangerous. Rather then bring the existing stair into compliance with modern codes, RDM and the client decided that we were better off removing the free-standing portion and coming back with something completely different. After a whole series of different stairs we arrived at the final, gently curving shape that would serve as a real focal point due to its contrast to the angular nature of the house. The stair was fabricated by Arcways up in WI after an extensive shop drawing process, Wednesday morning it arrived on a custom outfitted trailer.


More pictures after the the break, click through and check it out. Its worth it.





Ian Hurst of Hurst construction and his crew and the delivery driver carried the 600 pound plus stair in through the front door and set it in place. It fit just as we’d hoped! Its still wrapped up in protective cardboard and foam and will still be removed and stained and painted off-site but here is a hint of things to come. We’ll post some more images as things progress. The main stair seen below is just a part of the larger stair project, there are a whole host of other pieces to dress up the existing upper stair as well as the curved glass and wood handrails. Exciting stuff, stay tuned!



For even more pictures: go here!