C2 Residence Update

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C2 Residence Update

This project has been zooming along with the hope of finishing it in time for some holiday houseguests. Ian says he never likes to promise projects will be finished around the holidays but he seems to have done it yet again and as we get closer (these pictures are from last week, we’ve been busy) It looks like it is going to be possible. Windows are all in and the new drywall is in an mudded. The amount of light and the difference in the feel by going to the clear glass has been surprising and great. 

The other side is also zooming along. Drywall is patched and repaired and the client has been looking at some paint colors. Where the fireplace was removed we’ve left an opening so that the drawers can be full depth all the way across. Blank panels will cover the side pieces and will be hidden but the drawer face. New wood floor will be laced into the existing to fill in the previous hearth.

Walnut! Glorious walnut! The cabinet doors on the back side of the island are in as well as the rest of the boxes. There is a lot of color variation in the wood and it matches some beautiful walnut furniture in the house that came from a local artist. Hiding behind the island is Karl Shikles (Shikles Cabinets) who has done some great work on this project.

Stay tuned, we’ve got another post that should be up in the next couple days or hit the Facebook Page for some photos if you just can’t wait! Progress!