C2 Residence Update 4

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C2 Residence Update 4

We’re done! Yet another sucessful RDM Architecture and Hurst Construction Project! 

Not a whole lot more to say, especially if you’ve been following along with the progress. Below is the storage/ entertainment side of things.

It is difficult to see in either photo be there is a perforated metal pane in the last of the short cabinets that is painted to match the cabinets and hides the sub ( we don’t like speaker fabric in this case ).

Another view of the kitchen, you can’t see the glass in the upper openings but it is there and separates the sunroom accoustically and thermally from the rest of the house. We love the way the back-painted glass changes in the light. Simple and easy to clean.

The new pantry and fridge cabinet. Large pullout drawers are hiding behind the tall doors while the uppers are divided for vertical storage. The walnut island provides a great contrast to the white cabinets and helps warm up the space.

In case you forgot what the kitchen was before. It really is like walking into a different house.

And here is the entertainment side with the arched windows and pretentious trim. 

A great project with great clients. We are looking forward to the next phase once it warms up a bit! 

Thanks to everyone involved.