C2 Residence Update 3

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C2 Residence Update 3

We went by this project today to see where things were (just about done actually) and are very very happy with the way it looks. It is hard to believe this is the same space.

The frameless openings into the sunroom look great and even though you can’t tell there is glass in there. We had planned on the same glass used for the upper cabinets but in the end I think this works better and makes the kitchen feel even more open.

This project shows what you can do working in the same footprint and with minimal changes to the room. We made the storage more efficient and the cabinets went from face frame to  european style and we easily gained several linear feet of storage just on the base cabinets and almost doubled the usable storage in the full height cabinets.

The floating shelves are being installed today. Ian prefers this system rather than the commercially available brackets. It is much more robust and with the size of these shelves we could have a lot of weight to deal with.

Here is a closer view of the left side. Holes are drilled in each stud just a little bit larger than the threaded rod for most of the depth and then the exact size for the last 3/4″. The holes are filled with adhesive and the rod threaded into the stud. A perimeter rail is attached to the wall on all 3 sides. The top and front of the shelf are installed and glued to the rod and then the bottom of the shelf is attached. A great system and one we haven’t used but will certainly keep in mind for future projects.

There are just minimal things left to do on this project and then we’ll have some final pictures to share. Thanks for following it along.