C2 Residence Update 2

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C2 Residence Update 2

Here we are over at C2 again already! Things are moving fast as we sit less than a week away from christmas as I’m writing this. Paint color was selected and paint and trim are up with the exception of the flat stock around the windows. The house is filled with activity with the painters, Karl the cabinet guy, the audio video guys installing and programming the audio and install the brakets and cables for the tv. Oh yeah, Dustin from Hurst is also there finishing things up.

Here is a larger view of the window wall now that the dust barriors are down. The amount of light is wonderful. The larger door, new window and the openings above the upper cabinets bring a lot more natural light into this room but also deeper into the house.

All of the painted door and drawer faces are in the process of being installed and the walnut is all installed (the end panels were removed to avoid damaging them as the appliances are moved around and to make it easier to finish the floor). The change to walnut was a last minute decision and a good one. We love it and the clients love it.

A view from the exterior showing the new windows and doors installed and all the trim is done on the exterior (don’t worry, those other arched windows are part of phase two) and we like the way it is heading.

Countertops go in right before christmas and we likely won’t get anything posted before we leave for the holidays. We should be able to put something up on the Facebook page though so take a look while you are enjoying the holiday.