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Bird House Studio

An Introduction to the Birdhouse Studio

A first look at the Birdhouse Studio and it is already ready for the floor slab pour. The project includes a new studio art space, laundry and bath room in addition to a new, larger and more easily accessible garage. We’ve used the addition to create a small “courtyard” space and a sense of arrival at the secondary entrance to the the house.



The location of the house within a historic neighborhood required some careful consideration of the location and shape of the addition. The massing is inspired by the existing house but through the window shape and placement and the steeper roof slope the new studio sets itself apart.

There are some exciting things going on in the inside of the studio, look for some images in the future as construction continues but here are two images to give you an idea of what happening now. To the left is the beginning of demolition and to the right we jump directly to waiting for the floor slab to be poured.