Belvedere Update 7

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Belvedere Update 7

Another site visit to take a look at some roof framing and to see what’s been going on since we were there last. Roof framing and sheathing is cruising right along as you can see from the pictures. Below is the view you’ll see coming in the new drive. The temporary gravel drive has been built up quite a bit above where the new drive will be. The garage doors below are actually framed up higher as they will have an arched top and cast stone eyebrow.

The door into the master suite from the bridge that hasn’t been built yet. That platform was built to give the framers a place to stand while they work. Its hanging from that 2×4 from the roof framing, its a long way to the ground and its a steep site so scaffolding would be somewhat difficult. Rick decided not to climb out onto it to get a better view. This is probably a good thing.

Below are a couple views of the great room and the upper patio framing. Ceiling joists are going in now, it makes for some fantastic shadows. This is a tall space that will have incredible amounts of natural light and already has a great view of the lake.

The sun room on the first floor and the screened-in-porch above. We’ve posted pictures of this before but take a look at those views!

The rest of the photos can be found in our Facebook Gallery(here). Its actually pretty cool to see the whole process in thumbnails.