Belvedere Update 6

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Belvedere Update 6

Look at that view! Mike and Rick went out to the Belvedere site late last week to check up on progress. As you can see below the second floor decking is under way. Below left is standing near the future screened-in-porch, looking out over the firepit. Below right is standing on the balcony overlooking the great room, views of the lake abound.

Below is the master bathroom framing.

Standing in the great room, looking out over the upper terrace or at least the steel beam at the edge. Framing of this portion should start soon but this gives a good feel for the scale of the outdoor space that is a big part of this project.

Past Rick and Mike and to the right is the front door and above that the tower for the stair to the second floor.

Drilling for the geothermal heating and cooling has started near the lower road. There is a lot of mud down there but below that mud is mostly stone. Its a loud and dirty process but will provide years of clean and efficient heating and cooling.


It is so exciting to watch this house take shape. This is one of the really great parts of architecture, not only do you get to design beautiful things but in the end you get to watch them become reality. To see a couple more pictures jump over to our Facebook site:, or straight to the Belvedere Gallery.