Belvedere Update 35

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Belvedere Update 35

We’ve posted these on our Facebook page but in case you haven’t seen them or your like a bit more description, here we go!

Here are two views of the arcade from the exterior. There is a lot of landscaping that still needs to be done and the driveway and walks are still a giant hole. The house itself is pretty much done and the clients have moved in and love the way it turned out and how the light changes in the house throughout the day.

A view of the completed arcade. The stone work is incredible and really give a richness to the space. A tongue and groove wood ceiling stained to match the exterior wood trim and interior wood ceiling.

This is what the project is all about. The. View. The pool and spa are done and filled, the plants are in. The flagstone looks fantastic and the color of it blends with the landscape beautifully.

A look back the toward the house. This view in particular shows how we stepped the facade to allow for more views to the lake and for easy access to the outdoor spaces. The outdoor kitchen to the right of the photo also has a roof deck above it that is accessed from the screen porch. The screen porch and the sunroom are favorite spots already and both have incredible views of the lake.

A view from the bottom of the hillside. There are a lot of plantings to go in still that will help to break up that large stone wall. It is kind of a shame to cover it such lovely stonework but that is a tall retaining wall.

There isn’t much left but the landscaping so we probably won’t have many more pictures until next spring. Looking back at the photos we’ve posted it has been quite a process and hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing what we are seeing. Keep an eye on the FB page, we may add some more pics along the way.