Belvedere Update 34

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Belvedere Update 34

More progress on the exterior. The pool is filled and the rest of the plantings are in.

The path to the dining room has also been fully planted, including between the pavers. This is going to look even better as those start to fill in. Another view of the patio showing how dense the plantings are and a hint of the great view.

Gutters (copper half-round) and downspouts are in, as is the exterior lighting and the screens.

The upper patio paving system is in and complete and the decking is starting to go in on the bridges. Furniture is springing up everywhere and you can really get a feel for the scale of the outdoor space and how many people will be able to enjoy the spectacular lake view.

We are inching closer to the move in date, it is less than a month away now and the interior and exterior are just about wrapped up. It won’t be long before we are posting the final pictures of the project and it has been a great process and wonderful to seeing it getting close to completion. There is some site work that will be ongoing and more plantings in the lower parts of the site but for the most part by the end of Sept. we’ll be done. Exciting stuff!

There are a lot more pictures this time that we’ll add the the Facebook album if you are interested in seeing what is happening inside.