Belvedere Update 31

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Belvedere Update 31

Belvedere keeps moving forward! Site work continues and little by little the piles of material are getting smaller. The third bay of the garage is ready for stucco and the adjacent retaining wall is done. Final colored coat of stucco is on and looks great.

The screen porch is stuccoed as well and the screen frames and wood paneling will finish off that side of the house. The wrought iron railings on the adjacent deck are in and now the roofing and flashing can go in there. You can see the pile of pavers is getting smaller as well.

Most of the paving system on the upper level has been installed and looks great and feels very solid despite being a raised tile system. This system allowed us to have a level surface and to conceal the drainage below.

Another shot of the progress of the stucco on the side of the house. The trim will be painted a darker shade and will help to add some three dimensionality to the tower especially.

All the wood trim is installed and stained and finished and the handrails and lights are installed. They are waiting on the material for the stair treads and then trim and flooring will be done on the first floor. Getting close. Very close.

We’ll post some more pictures on the RDM facebook page. Check it out there and feel free to let us know what you think.