Belvedere Update 30

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Belvedere Update 30

This might not be the most exciting for everybody but the garage floor is finally in and the last bay of the garage has been closed in. The walls and ceiling have been spray foamed and are ready for drywall. This is one of the last big things that has been left open since the third bay of the garage was our only access to the back of the site.

Another big step under way is the laying of the Wausau tile on the upper terrace. As you can imagine since each corner support has to be leveled and each tile leveled it can be a slow process but if it isn’t installed perfectly the tiles can rock and sound hollow. The tile is supported entirely by the corner posts with the pea gravel serving to keep the tiles feeling rigid and keep them from sounding hollow. These guys are doing a great job and we’ll post some completed pictures.

All of the woodwork in the great room is finally done and stained and the plaster finishing is starting. The panel of the arcade will have a steel trowel type of finish which will contrast the normal gyp. in the rest of the room. All of the railings except the stair are also in and look great.

Interior finish is getting closer and closer… Outside the piers and grade beams that will support the lower retaining walls are in and as soon as weather permits work can continue down there. We are starting to get excited. We’ll add some more photos to our Facebook page as well so click to the album over there and have a look.