Belvedere Update 28

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Belvedere Update 28

It hasn’t been long since we’ve had a post about Belvedere but we’ve got a few cool images we thought were worth sharing.

This is the tower ceiling now complete with LED lighting and giant chandelier. The lighting makes a huge difference and the finish is incredible. A small electric winch is concealed in one of the beams allowing the light to be lowered to the first floor for lightbulb changes. Pretty neat.

The plaster work on the underside of the helical stair is just about done and we love the way it looks. The combination of the graceful curves of the stair and landing with the verticality of the tower above is wonderful.

Handrails are going in on the exterior. Here are a couple views.  The bridge and chimney to the left and looking across the fire pit to the right.

Larger view of the lake from the outdoor kitchen. All of the stone is done and the caps are installed. Looking great and is going to be a grand place for entertaining or just hanging by the pool.

Looking back at the continuing stucco work on the screen porch. In addition, the stone counter and wall at the outdoor kitchen are also done and look very nice.

The install of the stone paver path to the dining room is under way. The forms are just creating the shape and will be removed and soil added between the stones so that grasses and plantings can extend from the planting beds across the path.

Things are moving quickly. More pictures to come!