Belvedere Update 26

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Belvedere Update 26

Another Belvedere post! We are now into the finished stuff. The stone front porch with brick edge is done as is the water element next to it. There is some beautiful stone work just on these two parts and they make a great introduction to the house.

The stone fireplace install continues. The hardest part is done. The main mantel is one large piece and weighs around 1800 lbs. It was rolled into place using rigging and a cart made from scaffholding. The upper mantel stone is a fairly simple install. At the moment it isn’t possilble to get back far enough to photograph it, hence the photoshop work.

All of that beautiful mahogany is finally getting a finish on it. Below and clockwise from the top left are the 2nd floor doors, curved base trim, sliding gathering room door panels and finally the door trim in the great room.

More lovely mahogany! The ceiling has a finish as do some of the large ceiling beams. There is a lot happening on site as we get closer to the end.

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