Belvedere Update 25

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Belvedere Update 25

This is a long post, so get ready because there are some cool things in it starting with this first pic. There have been delays due to site work and details but the bridges are finally on site. The steep site requires a unique installation path.

To get the bridges to the downhill side of the house they were lifted over the entire house and lowered carefully into place. They actually approached the limits of this crane not due to weight but to the distance that the crane had to reach out to clear the house.

The first bridge connects the upper patio to the master suite. The large overhangs and the width of the bridge meant that the rigging cleared the fascia by inches as it was carefully pulled into place.

The second bridge connects to the upper terrace and is especially ridgid since it has to turn the corner without flexing. The steel column will be wrapped in a stone column as soon as the rest of the stone work is completed in that section. Now that both bridges are in the masons can get back to work and complete the flagstone above and the stone where the bridges connect to the house.

Meanwhile inside the house, the woodwork is continuing and much of it has been stained and completely finished. Below is the study that is a part of the master suite.

The gathering room on the lower level is also getting close to ready for paint. The bar and back of bar are stained and installed. The upper beams will be “weathered” and stained as well.

The plywood and tyvek are finally removed from the arcade at the screen porch as they get ready for stucco up there. You can finally see how great the view is and you get a great view of the stone work that has happened just below.

All of the stone caps are installed other than those around the pool and we think this area is looking spectacular.

Back to the inside for one final shot of the inside of the tower, stained and finished and looking great.

This has been a long project but we are in the home stretch now and excited to see pieces start to be completed. We’ll post these pictures and more on our FB page and in the Belvedere Album so check that out and keep watching “What’s New” for another post!