Belvedere Update 23

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Belvedere Update 23

As fall sets in, the push to wrap up the exterior of the Belvedere is under way. More and more decisions are being made and it is really coming together. Below is a view of the entry porch. All of the cast stone has been installed at the fron doors and nearly all of the house stone is installed other than this area. Since the design of the water feature at the entry has been in flux and it is clad in cut and cast stone the masons have to wait until that stone is installed before the stone above can be built up from there.

A view of the upper patio, looking back toward the house. The flagstone and wall stone back there is mostly down but not grouted. The stone and tile on the pool are also pretty much done. There is a lot of stone back there but once the plants go in it will really soften it and help to define the space.

This view looking out over the pool gives you a good feel for the back of the upper patio. The central circle will be lawn with a grid of pavers to give some relief to the hard surfaces there.

A view down the back hall behid the kitchen and the dining room. The opening in the front is the butlers pantry. There will be mahogany trim, paneling and columns to celebrate that entrance. As you can see the cabinets are going in, they are all a dark stained mahogany.

There are more frequent meetings now that things are getting into the detail phase of the project. Exciting for us and it means that we will have more pictures to post as we get closer and closer to the end.