Belvedere Update 21

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Belvedere Update 21

The upper patio is starting to come together. The masons are hard at work on the main walls and the lower seating walls.

As you can see from this photo and from the one above the view is incredible. For safety there will be a very minimal guard rail and planting barriers but for the most part the view will be pretty much just like this. Here you can see one of the seating walls around the fire pit. Imagine sitting around this on a cool fall night with a nice fire going…

The modifications to the site meant that the existing stair from the lake had to be reworked as well. This is a rough concrete pour as it will be covered with stone.

Masons finishing up the top of the wall so that scaffholding can be removed to allow for site work that needs to happen below.

We are getting down to the details now and heading out to the site more frequently so watch the website and Facebook page for new photos.