Belvedere Update 18

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Belvedere Update 18

Things out at Belvedere are moving along. Below you can see the formwork for the pool/ waterfall/ spa. This will be sprayed concrete and the stone and tile over that. It was a big change from the original plans but the shape is pretty nice and it will be a big asset on this huge patio.


Stone work is in on the arcade and the wall below is done. The masons deserve a round of applause. It looks better than we could have imagined.


A shot from the lower terrace. It is a great space under there and I can imagine how great it is going to be with a fire in the outdoor fireplace and the rain pouring down outside.


A view from the upper terrace. This is the first layer of waterproofing. They will build up the proper slope and then apply a second layer to make sure there are no leaks. The handrails will span between these posts to avoid unnecessary penetrations.


We posted this on our Facebook page last week but some of you may not have seen it.

A little bird rescue at the Belvedere site. A dove made her nest on top of the stone before the cast stone caps came in. The none of the masons had the heart to kick the mother and babies out so they made a replacement nest box and with rubber gloves and mortar knives carefully relocated the nest and baby birds. Mother bird was back on the nest the next day. A job well done.


The epic drywall job continues. This is the great room below. That have started the mud and tape process in some places. We have soft form corners in a lot of places so once it is all done it is going to look great. It is always a surprise how much of a difference the drywall makes to the feel of a space.


Check back soon, things are happening fast now so we will probably have more posts. We will also post the rest of the pictures to the Facebook album so if this just isn’t enough for you then go have a look there.