Belvedere Update 17

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Belvedere Update 17

A beautiful day for a site visit out at Lake Quivira. The warm weather means construction hasn’t skipped a beat.


The front isn’t a whole lot more complete with the exception of the stone work. Because there is a belt of cast stone between the stone and stucco, the mason can only go so far and the stucco can’t be started until that is installed. 


The stone work on the base has also advanced as fas as it can until the cast stone is installed. We’re reviewing shop drawings and trying to speed that process along as mush as possible but there are a lot of different pieces and shapes.


A closeup of the weeps at the base of the wall and a cool image. Look at the color of that stone!


Just to give you an idea of the scale of this project, here is the electrical service coming into the house. There are over 7 miles of electrical, data and cable installed already. These are divided among 240 different circuits, some of which will also be on the back up generator. There are some busy electricians on the jobsite…


A panoramic photo from the street below to go out on. Stone on the house is just about done, the chimney and the exterior fireplaces are complete already…whew!


As always we’ll add the photos to the Facebook page. Got take a look and let us know what you think.