Belvedere Update 14

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Belvedere Update 14

Rick and Mike had a meeting out at the Belvedere site and had some time to take a few progress pictures. First off we’ve got the first view you see coming onto the site. Some excavation of the extra gravel in front of the garage has been removed to get the grade a little closer to where it will end up. You can see through the trees that the same has happened at the lower garage in addition to the retaining wall/planter being nearly done. The site is really starting to look more like the finished project every day.

The stonework is also coming along,  there is a good mix of color and size of stone. We’re happy with how its coming out. The masons are doing a fantastic job. There is a staggering amount of stone on this project. It is going to be a long process.

This is a view into the gathering room on the lower level. There is a soffit all the way around the room and there will be beams in the upset area. We can do this because there is a really high ceiling down there for a basement. The doorways to the left are the kitchen and the media room.  Cool.

More images to come soon.