Belvedere Update 12

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Belvedere Update 12

Another post on the Belvedere Project, they are coming closer together as the project continues to cruise right along. First up we’ve got a big start on the retaining walls and site work. Below left is a view from what will be the top of the drive down to the lower garages. We are really happy with the profile of the finished roof and the round endcaps on the the end of the ridges.  The retaining wall here steps back to create a planter otherwise the wall would be pretty imposing. Don (pictured below) has been stacking these big blocks of stone into this wall. He is doing a great job, walls like this are a little more free form and definitely depend on the skill of the craftsman.

Belvedere 110927f

Another view of the house, once the retaining wall below is completed all the fill in front of the upper garages will be pushed around to build up the lower drive. This will open of the front a lot more and make it easier to imagine the new driveway. The exposed rafter tails are wrapped in cedar and all the tower windows are in. We will have a light stain on the underside of the decking and the rafter tails but we are hoping to keep those looking pretty natural.

Belvedere 110927c

Here are a couple views of the great room with the completed framing. Walking around in the room is great, even without drywall in it is possible to get a great feel for the volume. Now that the framing is done, hvac is starting to go in and then electrical and plumbing.

Belvedere 110927

A final view of the house with (from left to right) Mike, Rick from RDM and Travis from Don Julian Builders. 

Belvedere 110927b