Belvedere Concrete II

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Belvedere Concrete II

Formwork for the upper foundation walls is stripped! Its a big day on the Belvedere site, the spray water proofing (the black in the photo below) has been applied and the protective foundation board applied over that. All that is left is a little cleanup and a lot of backfill and the foundation part of the project will be largely complete.

A little bit closer… You might not be able to tell from these pictures but concrete work on this job has been incredibly well done and it is a shame that none of this will be seen. The orange board is part of the Tuff-N-Dri waterproofing system and helps to protect the spray on waterproofing from the backfill and relieve hydro-static pressure.

Bill Curth of William G. Curth, Inc. Concrete Basement Construction has done great work on site, below are a couple more shots we liked. The left image below shows how far below the new grade we are. The free standing wall will support the edge of the new walk, the “v” shaped wall supports the turn in the walk toward the front door. The image to the right give you an idea of how difficult excavation has been.

The left image below is that “v” shaped wall up close. Nice clean sharp edges that in a few days will be invisible but will keep our new walk from moving at all on top of all that new fill. The right image shows the geothermal lines exiting the basement. These lines run down the hill and tie into the field of ground loops that will provide heating and cooling.

We will get some images once the backfill is completed but this is a big day and a big step in the project. We’re excited to see the framing go up.

We’ll be adding these and a few more images over on our facebook page, jump over to there and check them out and let us know what you think.