Another RDM stair!

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Another RDM stair!

This is a little project that we’ve just completed the drawings for.  The clients contacted several architects and were told that their project was too small and they were not interested. We are willing to look at any size project because we’ve found that small projects like this can be interesting and fun. This was no exception.

Oddly the existing house didn’t have an interior connection between the first and second floor other than a very utilitarian concrete stair in the garage. The clients wanted to add a stair in a small sitting room that they didn’t use. After going through several options we arrived at the solution below. To the left is the existing, to the right is the proposed.

The new stair would land in an unused bedroom in the basement that we would open to the main public space.

An “aerial” view of the first floor. We replaced the existing solid gyp. rail with new open railings that would match the new ones.

We like little projects like this, not only are they quick but they are wonderful design challenges and prove that good design is important whatever the scale of the project.

Construction should be starting soon and we’ll be sure to post pictures here or on our Facebook page.

Have a good weekend!