Another RDM Project Clears the ARB

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Another RDM Project Clears the ARB

A new project we’re working on just cleared the Mission Hills, Kansas ARB (architectural review board). Many people think that what they want to do to their house is their own business. In many cities and neighborhoods this isn’t the case. The requirements vary from city to city and its important to take those into consideration early in the design process to ensure that the client can get what they want and the architect (us) doesn’t spend a lot of time chasing ideas that would never be approved. RDM Architecture has historically had good luck in this part of the process due to the amount of preparation we do and the quality of the presentation. This project was no exception and we were able to get through with only a few comments.

Below is a page from the booklet we put together to illustrate the proposed additions.

We’ve found that providing some 3d images of the before and after can really help the ARB to understand quickly what we are proposing. Since the majority of projects include creating some degree of a 3d model this typically is not a lot more work. Site diagrams as well as existing conditions photographs further explain the project and save our time and that of the ARB.

In this case it was especially helpful as there were some interesting property line gymnastics we had to go though, including acquiring a portion of the adjacent lot. Assuming that all goes through smoothly expect to see some more images soon. Its a neat little project, heres an aerial rendering sneak peek for your enjoyment. The small garage to the left and the screen porch/outdoor kitchen pavilion will be added, as well as some major landscaping and another little addition. More info to come.