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Aberdeen House –

Another RDM Architecture + Hurst Construction project is well under way, in fact we’re almost done with electrical and plumbing rough in on the first half of the project but have been busy and haven’t had a chance to put together a post yet so this is going to the the first of a couple to catch up to where things are.

The existing house was designed by Morton Payne in the 60’s and had survived pretty unchanged since then. We’re changing it a lot.

The house is essentially a “U” shape with one leg primarily private spaces, living room and dining room in the middle and the kitchen, laundry and garage on the other leg.

A view of the existing house from the back. The courtyard looks significantly different now. We’re working with Lorax Design Group again to add a pool and pool deck and to drastically change the landscape and drainage on the entire site. They have done a number of renderings of the back of the house and we’ll get some of those posted as the project moves forward.

The work to the exterior hasn’t started yet but here are a couple of the early renderings we did in the design process. We are moving the house more toward the contemporary side by removing much of the decorative trim as well as the strange gable end above the entry. In addition the existing windows will be replaced and the paneling and applied trellis replaced by brick to match the existing house with a pair of new round windows.

The side of the house also gets an update with a small trash shed being removed and replaced by a new mudroom with a patio and arbor. The existing roof line is extended to cover the mudroom and match the existing overhang.

In addition we’re changing all of the existing windows and exterior doors for more energy efficient and contemporary clad ones. In the next post, we’ll show some of the interior existing and renderings and then we’ll really get into the construction side of things. Thanks for taking a look. Jump over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think. We’ll be adding additional photos there as we visit the site throughout the construction.