Aberdeen House 2

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Aberdeen House 2

There aren’t a lot of changes on the exterior of the house itself beyond the windows, doors and a few modifications but on the interior we are drastically changing the house. Taking it from something that is very traditional and essentially unchanged since it was built to something that is a nice mix of very contemporary and transitional. The largest of the changes are in the kitchen wing of the house.

The existing kitchen wing was broken up into a series of smaller room, including a wood-paneled study that was larger than the kitchen. A corner fireplace anchored the kitchen and breakfast room and limited any expansion. Coming into the project we knew we were going to be making some big changes in this area.

The revised plan is significantly different. By adding a 31′ steel beam we were able to take out all of the interior walls in this side of the house and then have the flexibility to create the new spaces within.

Below is the existing kitchen. It is a large room but very isolated from the rest of the house and very much it’s own space.

Here is a view of the sketchup rendering of the kitchen wing. During the design process the kitchen and family room moved further away from tradition and more toward contemporary.

One of the big reasons for this move was the wood paneled study. At the start of the project we were going to maintain some of the existing paneling and recreate the wood wainscott throughout the kitchen and family room. This pushed the kitchen to be more traditional to compliment the paneled areas. As we continued to design we found that we were compromising the design of the rest of the space just to accomodate the paneled walls and finishes.

The decision was made to remove all the paneling in order to get the look and the more contemporary feel that we and the clients wanted. Below are the renderings for that space. We replaced the existing windows with a similar window but a square transom, but otherwise everything is new. The wood from the paneling was salvaged for use in some custom furniture in the house.

Construction is well under way so as soon as we have a chance we’ll get some photos posted. Stay tuned.