6718 Residence Intro

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6718 Residence Intro


 This project in Mission Hills has three seperate parts, an addition of a walk in closet off of the master bathroom, a third garage bay that connects to an expaneded and remodeled laundry area, and a new screened porch in the back yard. From the beginning this project has had many hurdles to overcome. The first was a gas easement through the back yard that was unknown to / unclaimed by the gas company.

 After searching through original plats and dozens of phone convresations and a few meetings with the city the easement issue was finally settled. The second hurdle was the calculation of the rear and side yard setbacks. The house sits skewed on the somewhat rectangular site which made the setback calculations a challange to say the least. After verifing the setbacks with the city, it was discovered that there was not enough room for the addition of the third bay of the garage. The clients come up with the unique and creative solution of buying a wedge of land from their neighbor which adjusted the setbacks enough to fit in the garage. 

All this effort has brought the project to the ground breaking. Now the fun begins. 


Existing view of the house and back yard.


View of the new garage and screened porch.