6718 Residence Completed!

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6718 Residence Completed!

We’ve posted extensively about this project as we’ve encountered some interesting snags along the way. I won’t cover all that but here are the links to the previous posts if you are just starting to follow along or if like us, it has been long enough that you don’t remember everything that’s happened that a look at the following: Intro, 1, 2, 3, 4. We’ll wait while you check out those other links…

Great! So here we are all on the same page. The project involves both sides and the back of the house and to give a better idea of what was involved here is the plan. The areas we affected are shown in color.


Starting at the front of the house and moving around. Here is the Garage/ Laundry addition. It also includes a little courtyard with storage and a little potting bench.

On the opposite side is the master closet addition and the landscape intervention. There are still more plantings to go in but the series of earth ramps worked out great for lawnmower access.

The second ramp and the first view of the screen porch and the two new planters created at the retaining wall.

Screen porch and small patio at the second set of french doors to the exterior.

A view from the other side showing the outdoor kitchen.

A couple interior views of the screen porch, including a view toward the existing house. Note the skylights and the art niche we created at the existing fireplace.

A view of the rear “front” of the garage. and patio connection

The rafter tails with copper flashing and lovely flowering trees beyond.

This was a great little project and has really expanded the outdoor space for the clients and given them a unique and beautiful series of spaces.