6109 Residence Update 4

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6109 Residence Update 4

We’re almost there!

The new drive is in. We were able to expand it enough to comfortable have two cars side by side without negatively affecting the existing tree. The house from the front doesn’t look very different, though we did put in a new post and repair ther trim there. As you move around the side you can really see the length of the addition. We don’t think it really looks like a garage though, especially with all the windows and skylights.

The interior is painted and looks great. We minimized trim and kept everything as clean as possible. The extra windows required by the city design guidlines and the skylights ensure this isn’t your typical garage.

The white beam and column really pops now that the house is painted and the patio is starting to go in. It is also a great contrast with the beams above. We like it.

The other big change is the metal roof and the deck going in. They went with a bamboo decking material we’ve used before that is incredibly dense and stable. The metal roof is a great contrast and really helps define the addition as having a little bit different vocabulary than the rest of the existing house. I’m not sure what Ian, Travis, and Dustin are talking about but it is clearly something important.

We should have a post with the final construction pictures shortly!