5400 Residence

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5400 Residence

We wrapped up this project a couple months ago and construction is moving along. The existing shed addition was removed and we are adding a new shop space to the existing garage. This addition will also allow more convenient access to the existing garage attic.

The project includes a new arbor that matches one added on the opposite side of the house as part of a previous RDM project.

Here is the existing rear of the house. The shed was part of a previous addition and is going away…

And now it is gone. Trenches for the footings and foundations are dug, formed and poured and then the forms are stripped.

The foundation is backfilled and the slab is poured. The new walk is leveled, reinforcing is laid out and it is poured and then stamped. The slab in the existing garage was cut out and removed and the slab for the addition and the existing garage was poured and finished.

In order to resolve an issue with the alignment of the stamped pattern with the addition we added a couple accent strips. The separated the stamped portions and we think it looks great. Since we had to order more concrete than was needed for the 2 strips we created paver steps as a transition to the yard. 

And… that is where we are now. This is a great little project and since it is close by we should be updating the photos fairly regularly.  Check back soon. These pictures and likely more will also be uploaded to our Facebook page if you would rather look at pictures instead of reading.