5400 Residence 3

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5400 Residence 3

Catching up with this project in a couple posts. Below is a shot of the building framed. We added 2 skylights  to bring even more natural lights into the space.

Here is an exterior shot. We used a different wall system on this project to make it the tightest and most efficient space as was feasible for an addition. Once framed and sheathed we added a layer of rigid foam on the exterior. Not only does this add an additional layer of air sealing and insulation but it also provides a temperature break from outside to inside.

All the joints in the foam were also taped. Even without all of the windows and the interior insulation, a small space heater brought the temperature up enough to make it a little more comfortable for the electricians.

Stay tuned for even more pics later this week or jump over to our FB page to see what else is going on.