5235 Residence

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5235 Residence

You’ve already seen a couple of these images but here is a bit more info about that project. Below are some photots of the existing kitchen. It is a little dated and doesn’t quite fit the way the homeowners cook and was too closed off from the rest of the house.

Our design opened up the kitchen into the living room and also expanded it into the weird small pantry and laundry room that the previous owners had created. Plenty of storage makes up for the loss of the pantry and a large island with a lot of seating makes the new kitchen perfect for entertaining.

To the left is the view toward the rear yard and the right looks toward the dining room. Glass panel doors help to visually lighten the space while a wood top on the island adds richness to an otherwise white kitchen.

Demolition has already started and we’ll have some pictures of the gutted kitchen shortly. Stay tuned.