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5209 Residence

Back in November we did a mini design build project for this client. (https://www.rdmarchitecture.com/blog-whats-new/custom-gate.html) Since then we have added a fence to the gate since the dogs discovered they could break through the invisible fence through the plantings on either side. We carried the feel of the gate though to an undulating modular fence.

The fence was a secondary project. The primary project was the complete reworking of the front yard and the pedestrian and vehicular access to the house. The existing drive is narrow and leads to the garage. Access to the front door is via a narrow walk that people often weren’t aware of. To add a sense of arrival and to lead people to the front rather than the side door we added a circle drive and a new covered porch. The project is getting close to complete now and we haven’t gotten around to posting any pictures yet so here are some that we took last time we were out there.

To merge the off-center entry with the centered circle drive we added a brick paver patio in between. The circular planter breaks up the patio and brings some shade and color to the new drive. Opposite the planter and helping to define the patio space is a low wall with a stone cap.  This wall becomes a brick ribbon across the drive and ends at a brick light post. Lights on the post and each end of the wall will help to define the space further.

Grade will be raised at the back of the wall such that about 12″-18″ of the wall will be above grade. This will soften the wall from the street and help to define the new patio area.

We’ll get a few more photos in the next week or so as this nears wrap up. A great little project that is going to make a huge difference for the streat presence of this house.