5209 Residence 2

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5209 Residence 2

A quick update on the 5209 residence. All of the masonry work is complete and as you can see below they’ve got a pretty good start on the new entry piece. The grade at the back of the wall will be lifted quite a bit more and then feathered out to the middle of the yard. There is some backfill to do still around the drive but for the most part it is done!

img 2124

Another view of the new entry. It should add a lot to the street presence of the house not to mention keeping guest dry while they wait at the door.

img 2127

We will get some more pictures as the trim starts to go up. There is a lot of trim on the existing house and we’re matching that as it wraps around the new entry. We’re excited to see the finished project. Stay tuned for updates.