5002 Residence

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5002 Residence

After taking a short rest from the completion of a new curved stair case in the living room the clients have decided to take on a new project – the exterior deck.

Demolition found some unwelcome though not entirely unexpected things. The existing structure had some significant rot throughout which we suspected might be the case. We didn’t realize that the existing deck wasn’t really anchored to the ground and the structural support were mostly just sitting on dirt. Not an ideal situation.

We replaced nearly all of the structure with new though we were able to reuse many of the shorter pieces for the smaller spans. Dustin had things ripped out and the new structure going in in short order. They also had to do some serious digging to run a new drain line out to the other side of the site.

The decking we are using is a bamboo composite material that comes in only 6′ lengths. The manufacturer still recommends joists on 16″ O.C. as the material has a tongue and groove on the ends however Ian felt that to be safe we should use 12″ O.C. to make sure the joints end up on structure. As a result there are a lot of joists and a very strong base for a very nice deck.

A view of the remainder of the deck. It is a big deck with a great view.

This project is just about finished so look for some more photos in the near future.