324 Residence

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324 Residence

This project has been going for a while but for some reason we haven’t gotten around to a post about it. In the next week or so I’ll get you caught up to whats going on now. Here we go!

This is the house. Typical of the style of a lot of houses in the Waldo and Brookside area with steep roof pitches and multiple intersecting planes and brick and stucco.

The house, like many built around that time has a lot of small rooms and no garage. Unlike a lot of other houses it did have a non-conforming car port right on a major street. Like a lot of houses that we have worked on this house is also on a corner lot which seems great and is unless you want to add a garage to it. Not only would the setbacks not allow for a garage, the house as it currently sat was in violation of 2 setbacks already. We knew from the outset that we would have to apply for a variance.

To help with that process we prepared a number of renderings from different views. This allowed the clients to contact the surrounding neighborhood associations to get their approval before going to the city. With an accurate survey and the addition indicated we were able to go through the variance process with minimal difficulty. We were given the variances we needed for the addition and we were also granted variances for the multiple setback violations of the existing house.

With the proper permits in place demolition and then construction could finally begin!

This project highlights the importance of getting a survey, especially in the case of a corner or irregular lot shape or a situation where the addition is going to be very close to or over the setback lines. Starting from an accurate drawing makes the whole process a lot easier and ensures that there are no surprises later in the project.  Because we knew exactly where those invisible lines were we could get the client the most square footage possible while being sensitive to the adjacent properties.

Check back later in the week for the construction photos (you never know what you’ll find when excavation starts).