324 Residence Complete!

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324 Residence Complete!

Most people think that moving walls is a big deal even when it isn’t. These clients were not those people. There is hardly a wall that wasn’t moved, modified or removed altogether as we turned a cramped and divided starter house with an illegal car port into an open, bright and comfortable home with a large 2 car garage.

Having reluctantly moved to the suburbs 22 years ago, they were ready to downsize and eager to get back to sights and sounds of the neighborhood they’d loved. They were excited to adapt their former first house into a home they could stay in for years to come.

The tranformation is so dramatic and it has been a while since we posted the early photos so here are some before and after images. Take a look!

Exterior Before

Exterior After

Exterior After – Garage and 2nd Floor Addition

The changes to the interior are even more dramatic. Click through for more images.


Dining Room Before

Living Room Before

Living Room/ Dining Room After

Living Room/ Dining Room After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

The existing second floor was a single room with a tiny half bath and equally tiny closet. The remainder of the attic was unfinished which provided the perfect space for a new master bedroom and a pair of generous closets. A set of “walkout” skylights that effectively become small decks when open, provide both ample natural light and egress. The area around the stair was expanded into the attic as well, creating a single vaulted space with a pair of large skylights that serve as an excellent entry to the second floor. The half bath was enlarged to create a large and open master bath with a walk-in shower, free standing tub and custom vanity. An angled wall leads to an open office and guest bedroom.

Second Floor Stair Before

Second Floor Stair After

Second Floor Bath After

The clients are ecstatic about being back in their old neighborhood and having lived in the house for several months, they love what their little house has become. Not only do they have a house that fits exactly the way they live, but it is in exactly in the neighborhood they wanted and they couldn’t be happier.