324 Residence 5

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324 Residence 5

Another long post with a bunch of updates, we’d rather make a long post and not string things along when progress is happening and there is cool stuff to see!

There is a lot of exterior work to be done on the new and the existing. Much of the existing brick and stone around the entry wasn’t in great shape and needed to be repaired and replaced. The big area is around that arch at the screen porch. The have the arch in and will be building from there once that sets. 

In order to make this house as energy efficient as possible and since it was stripped to the studs, we called for spray foam insulation throughout. This is the best option in nearly all situations.

From foam insulation to drywall in one set of pictures. Below are 3 of the four new skylights we added. The pair to the right are above the stair to the first floor and allow light down into the living room as well. The image to the right is one of the two escape window skylights in the master bedroom.

The textured stucco is on and the trimis wrapped up as are the exterior repairs to the existing. Paint and some landscape is nearly done so we’ll have some more pictures soon.

Check out the Facebook page for more images. This project is a complete transformation of this house, as it nears completion we’ll post some before/ after pics and you will be amazed. Check back soon!